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Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

grief holidays

  So December has been crazy. We had grades due, conferences, and a big Christmas show to put on. It went really well, but I was starting to notice some stress. I wasn’t sleeping, my stomach was all thrown off, and I was kinda not eating. And then as each thing got ticked off my to do list, the stress seemed to get worse and worse. Less sleep, less food,.. Read More

Bad Day? Read This Now

bad day read now

Who hasn’t had a bad day every once in a while? Or maybe even more than once in a while? I’m writing this on a fairly good day, and I think that’s why it came to me. When I have a bad day, what do I need to hear? What would help me pull myself back up again? And that brought me to this…   Bad days suck. First off,.. Read More

How Long Are You Willing to Wait for What You Want?

how long wait

  Thanksgiving was good and restful, a much needed break. So as I dragged myself into work this morning, I stopped to talk to one of my coworkers. We talked about how exhausted we were, yet how we felt like we weren’t really doing or accomplishing anything. And then she said something that struck me. She told me how she felt she was too old to wait anymore, that she.. Read More

How to Practice the Art of Gratitude

art gratitude

  Gratitude seems to be a buzzword. All the spiritual gurus talk about the importance of gratitude. If you want a life of abundance, then express gratitude for what you have and what you want! Feel it! Believe it! Receive it! But gratitude is so much more than words or a list or a prayer – it’s an art.   So let me begin by saying I’m not a big art.. Read More

What You Look For, You Find Every Single Time


  I was driving home after a long day, and my mind started to wander. (Don’t worry, not dangerous-not-paying-attention wander, just regular thinking-about-random-stuff wander.) I thought back to how different things were just a few years ago. I thought about how different I felt about how things were. Whenever something went wrong, it was like, “Oh God, what’s next? Everything always goes wrong!” It was constantly waiting for the next.. Read More

Here’s Why Stress Is Your Best Friend


What’s a best friend? When I think of a best friend, I think of someone who always tells me the truth no matter whether I want to hear it or not… “Does this make me look fat?” “Yes.” “Should I text him?” “No.” “I don’t really need, but I love it – should I buy it?” “Always.” Best friends are people you trust, people you want around, people who will stick around through.. Read More

Here’s Why What Other People Think of You Is None of Your Business


I have this recurring dream. I’m seated at a round table with all kinds of people I know. It’s generally people I get along well with, but seeing as how I’m paranoid in real life, I always have this suspicion that these people at the table don’t like me as well as I think they do. Well there’s one woman there who I don’t specifically know but who has apparently.. Read More

How to Tell If Someone Likes You…


I have to admit that although I’m not currently in one, I’m totally interested in the psychology, the behind-the-scenes, of relationships. For whatever reason, YouTube has started suggesting relationship advice videos to me (I don’t know if that’s a sign or just a coincidence…) And do you know what one of the most popular topics is? How to tell if someone likes you… Apparently we’ve become a culture where it’s.. Read More

Do happy endings really exist?


So I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. We were sitting enjoying a drink when she busts out with, “There are no such things as happy endings.” She then proceeds to talk about how Disney and American culture in general has given us such a distorted view of how life is, thinking that it will always work out when in reality it won’t. She caught.. Read More

Nothing Is Promised…Tell Someone You Love Them Now


Sometimes the words don’t come as easily. I can feel them in the back of my throat, wanting to come out, but just so jumbled that I know that they’re not going to make sense and I need to wait until I can sort them out. This is one of those times. I feel like I have something important to say, but I just don’t know how to say it.. Read More

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