Who hasn’t had a bad day every once in a while? Or maybe even more than once in a while? I’m writing this on a fairly good day, and I think that’s why it came to me. When I have a bad day, what do I need to hear? What would help me pull myself back up again? And that brought me to this…

bad day suck it
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Bad days suck. First off, I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day…or a bad week…or a bad month… I understand how down it can make you feel when you have one of those days. You feel like you don’t have your shit together, you feel like a mess, and you feel like a downright loser. You can’t help but look at the glass as half empty, and it pisses you off when people tell you to be positive. It seems like every single little thing is going wrong. You’re maybe asking yourself, “What now?”and there keeps seeming to be an answer.

But there’s something I want you to know…

It will be okay. Maybe not right at this second, and maybe it feels like it will never be alright. But it will. The thing about life is that there are ups and downs all the time. If you’re experiencing a down right now, that must mean that an up is coming. Things will never be completely right throughout life, another bad day might be on its way. But with each bad day, you’re growing and learning. You start to see it for what it is, to see how it affects the whole scheme of things in your life. And you’ll see how many bad days you’ve made it through already and realize it really will be okay.

Don’t beat yourself up.

I can’t think of one person who is perfect, especially not the ones who try and make it seem like they’re perfect and have it all together. There is not one person out there who hasn’t had a bad day or has their life so completely together that they never feel like a hot mess. Every single one of us makes mistakes, big and small. Every single one of us does things we regret. Every single one of us has days when we see all things that we’re ashamed of – our weight, our looks, our abilities, or inabilities rather. We all compare ourselves to one another, especially when we’re already having a bad day. But the thing is, there’s only one of you, because you’re needed just the way you are.

You are so flipping awesome, you have no idea. It doesn’t matter what happened today or yesterday or for the past twenty years. You are awesome. You are kind and capable. You are smart and competent. You are unique, and no one can bring to life and to relationships what you do. You are beautiful and loved just the way you are, no matter what size or age or anything. You are far from a loser because you’ve made it this far! Think back to all the trying times you’ve made it through. You’re a goddam warrior! You can handle anything.

And lastly, go ahead and wallow. Maybe just for today. Give yourself permission to veg out and/or down an entire row of Oreos. Feel the sludge you have to feel when you have a bad day, and then wake up fresh tomorrow. Get it out of your system. It’s totally normal and completely okay to do it. It’s normal to feel as crappy as you’re feeling, just don’t let it keep getting you down.

Guess what? No matter how bad your day was, it’ll be okay. I promise. You are awesome, you are loved, and it’s not all bad days, you’re gonna have good days, too.

bad day hug
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Please feel free to come back to this any time you’re feeling off and know that I’m sending big, warm hugs as you read this.

Much Love,