Have you ever been unable to get someone off your mind? They literally pop up, and then they get stuck there.  You don’t know why you think of them when you do, but you just can’t get them off your mind. So what are you supposed to do?

Would you believe that Pinterest gave me a hint to the answer? You literally can’t go wrong with Pinterest (except maybe when you spend hours pinning pins that you will forget that you pinned). Anyways, this pin was suggested to me just when I needed it…

Pray for others
[Photo Courtesy of Unstoppable Nails]
Just kidding! Don’t stalk (or investigate) someone when you can’t get them off your mind.  For real you should do this…

Pray For Others
[Photo Courtesy of Etsy]
If you’re not big on prayer, it may seem silly.  How will saying some words help anybody? How will it make it better?

Firstly, prayer isn’t just words, it’s a feeling.  You can’t think about something without feeling something, too, no matter how strong or weak the feeling is.  When you pray for them, whether you’re angry or upset with them or you miss them or whatever, you’re sharing a feeling with them. You’re sending out good vibes. And whether or not you believe in God (although I’d highly suggest it), think of it as energy – you’re sending positive energy out into the world.

And plus praying for someone can actually have selfish motives, too.

So there have been a few people on my mind lately.  These people had hurt me in the past, some knowingly and some not so much.  I  realized I honestly miss some of them and others not so much. They left quite a mark on me and my heart.  I was angry for so long, and I had thought I had forgiven them but I had just momentarily forgotten. And with everything that’s been going on, these people kept popping into my mind and seemingly would not get out. So what did I do? I prayed.

I prayed for their wellbeing, I prayed for their happiness, I prayed that their hearts be healed, and I prayed that they get whatever it is that they need. I prayed for them every day.  And then something happened to me.  God may have helped them, I don’t know, but I do know that God helped me.

I stopped being angry. I stopped thinking they were out to hurt me. And I realized that I really do wish all of them the best. I’m not hurt anymore. I’d like to think that my prayers helped them, too, but I know they helped me.

The person who pinned it before me, captioned it “There’s a reason God puts people on our minds. Sometimes, they need prayer for a specific purpose RIGHT THAT SECOND. Your prayers matter and are effective!”

If you can’t get someone off your mind, remember that they’re there for a reason, and the best thing you can do is to pray for them. You can’t always talk to them or be with them or work things out with them, but you can always pray for them.

See? Much earlier as promised today.  Hopefully you caught yesterday’s post about how losing some papers was actually a good thing!  And hopefully you are having a great day, too!

One more day until Friday! You can do it!

Much Love,