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Friday Fun – We’re Halfway Through September!

As per yesterday’s post, I said I would share some Friday Fun, and here it is. It was a loooooong week, and it’s about time to have some fun and get this weekend started already! Feeling stressed? Have you tried some reflexology? This article from MindBodyGreen has some great points (aha…catch that pun?). Check out DIY Reflexology: 7 Points For Your Best Workout. Who doesn’t love Beauty and the Beast?.. Read More

Speaking of Labor Day…

house gif

Happy Labor Day everyone! How am I celebrating? By working of course! As a matter of fact, I’m going to be so super-focused on work all this week. And so, because of that I won’t be posting anything new this week! Feel free to check out some oldies but goodies, though. Have a great week everyone! Much Love, Jen

Friday Fun For The Last Weekend of Summer

friday fun end of summer

Even though it’s not officially over until September 21, with most schools starting around Labor Day, it is what most people consider to be the last weekend of summer. So let’s have some extra fun to end our work week and begin our weekend… Ever feel like you spend a smidge too much time trying to adjust your photos? You’re not the only one. Even celebs photoshop their pictures. Want.. Read More

Friday Fun for August 28

The Office Michael Scott Dance

All week I have been compiling links and videos and stuff for today’s Friday Fun. I don’t even want to sit here talking about it either, I just want to get you to the fun already… Now that we’re so close to the first day of school, Catholic Mom put together a whole post called “The Patron of Coffee and Other Back-to-School Saints.” I never knew there was a patron.. Read More

Friday Fun for August 21, 2015

It’s been a rather eventful week, so much so that it feels like it’s actually been two weeks! When you’re this busy, you really need to end the week with some Friday fun, the perfect combination of interesting and time wasting fun. So what have I got for your this week? We got some interesting info for those of us who are highly sensitive along with some other great articles and also.. Read More

Friday Fun – August 14


The week is done my friends! Hallelujah! That being said, it’s okay to quit working at this point and to check out this week’s Friday Fun. I’ve got articles and videos to help you get through the rest of your work days! It’s that time of year, when we want to just get away, but often we tell ourselves that we can’t afford to. Not so according to the Huffington.. Read More

Forget Friday Favorites – Let’s Just Keep It Fun

Friday Fun

Let’s scratch the whole “favorites” bit for Fridays; who cares about favorites, let’s just keep it fun. Therefore, I’m changing it up and calling this our “Friday Fun”. I want to share a whole mishmash of fun things I’ve found throughout the week just so we can all end our weeks with a smile.  So you ready for some fun? Here we go… Okay, so I’m calling it “Friday Fun,” but maybe.. Read More

Friday Favorites – It’s All About The Fun With Quizzes, Articles, Mugs, & A Video

I guess you could say this week’s Friday Favorites is all about fun – fun wasting time, fun reads, fun mugs, and a fun video. So, let’s not waste time getting to the fun… Some Fun But Total Time Wasting Quizzes… I couldn’t help myself this week and found myself looking for some good quizzes… Which Disney Princess Are You? from Buzzfeed (I got Belle…which just so happens to be.. Read More

Friday Favorites – By The Time You Read This…

It sounds so ominous, doesn’t it? “By the time you read this…” So instead of beating around the bush, let me finish that statement. By the time you read this…I’ll be on vacation! I’m heading up north for a few days, so I won’t be doing my regular posts per say. BUT (and that’s a big but…hehe), I will have some posts to keep you interested while I’m away.  But.. Read More

Friday Favorites for July 10 – I’ve Had A Great Week!

It has been a great week; a long week where I had to sit around and wait a while, but a week that turned out amazing.  So what are this week’s friday favorites??? (1) Best way to relax from this week… Have you ever noticed that when you give kids something to color and something to color with how they chill out? They’re all nice and quiet and relaxed. So.. Read More

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