So I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. We were sitting enjoying a drink when she busts out with, “There are no such things as happy endings.” She then proceeds to talk about how Disney and American culture in general has given us such a distorted view of how life is, thinking that it will always work out when in reality it won’t. She caught me a little off guard, but it got me thinking – do happy endings really exist?

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I took in what she said that night, although I knew right away I didn’t completely agree with her. Has Disney possibly distorted our images of relationships? Yeah, maybe a little. Last time I checked, there were no Prince Charmings roaming, around looking to save the day. Heck, I don’t think guys even approach women in real life, it’s all Tinder and whatever else they’ve got out there now. And quite frankly, you can’t wait around for anyone to save you; ain’t nobody got time for that.

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And what about when you meet someone and fall madly in love (because there may be no Prince Charmings, but there are still plenty of nice guys out there)? You feel like this is your other half (which is a whole other post). Is it always going to work out? From previous experience, I can emphatically say no. But is that necessarily a bad thing? What if there’s someone better out there for you? Or someone better out there for them? Would you both really find your happy endings then?

I think what matters more than what actually happens is our definition of our own happy endings. If we’ve got it stuck in our minds that it has to be a certain way, that you have to end up with this guy and have this job and live in this place, then yeah, I think we may not get our happy endings. But what if we changed our definition or idea of how it should be? What if we decided that our ending was going to be happy no matter what because we choose to be okay with how things are? Wouldn’t that mean we’d all get our happy endings?

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I am a firm believer in happy endings. Firstly, because no matter how crazy chaotic things may get, there’s a part of me that has survived over so many years of hardship that knows that there is still good times to be had and people to love. Secondly, I believe every ending can be a happy ending because it is as it should be, as God has planned it. There’s a reason for everything and everyone in your life, whether you can see it or not. Perhaps if you look a little closer, you’ll see that it’s a part of your own happy ending.

I had a very happy ending to last week, so I’m ready to get a new week started. Have a great week everyone!

Much love,