What’s a best friend? When I think of a best friend, I think of someone who always tells me the truth no matter whether I want to hear it or not… “Does this make me look fat?” “Yes.” “Should I text him?” “No.” “I don’t really need, but I love it – should I buy it?” “Always.” Best friends are people you trust, people you want around, people who will stick around through thick and thin. I wouldn’t think of stress as being my best friend, but here’s why it actually is and why we should start appreciating it.

What is stress?
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I’m no doctor or specialist, but I know stress. I’ve spent years fighting my stress, pretending like it’s not there, avoiding it, “dealing” with it (i.e. oreos…). And let me tell you, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Every time I think one thing is handled, another one pops up that stresses me out. And boy does it suck. Mentally, it’s the anxiety, the pressure, the fear. Physically (and boy does it hit physically) it’s the headaches and back aches and stomach aches and skin problems. It’s sleepless nights and nightmares. It’s overeating and under-eating and constant worrying. You would think that I hate stress, but I don’t. As a matter of fact, I’ve realized its purpose…

How is stress your best friend and why should we start appreciating it?
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I said it before – a best friend is someone you can trust to always tell the truth no matter how ugly it is. And that is precisely what makes stress your best friend, that and the fact that it will never leave your side. You never have to guess when something is wrong, because stress will let you know. Stress tells you when you’ve run yourself down. Stress tells you when you’re avoiding instead of dealing with whatever is bothering you. Stress does what it has to do to make you pay attention to what’s really important in your life. Stress will make your health and your body go haywire if you refuse to deal with it. It will scream and shout and stomp its metaphorical feet until you see the truth and do something about it. And who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

How can you start appreciating it?
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Your relationship with stress is like your relationship with anyone or anything. It’s a two-way street. You want to work things out? Then you need to listen and pay attention. You need to appreciate what it brings to your life, how it can make it better. Once you start doing that, then you don’t have to fight it, and maybe it won’t come around as often as before.

So maybe this week, instead of fighting your stress and trying to just keep working through, stop, listen to it, and appreciate what it is trying to tell you. Listen to it, it knows what’s best for you.

I don’t know what it was, but last week felt like two weeks. Hopefully this week moves a little more smoothly. Have a great one!

Much love,