Another week, another Monday, and a great quote to start it all.  So you know Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer who traveled the world and wrote Eat, Pray, Love as a result?  Well besides writing the bestseller, she has some wise words for us all, “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

I have often referred to myself as a “hot mess,” and quite often not just a passenger but the conductor of the “hot mess express”. I often feel like I should be more put together, that I should have accomplished more, that I shouldn’t be figuratively carrying around all that I do, that I should have handled problems differently, that I shouldn’t let things affect me the way I do.  A whole lotta shoulds. And shoulds are stupid.

I have always been a super sensitive person.  It seems like anything I feel, I feel very deeply. If someone hurts me, it doesn’t just hurt a little, it hurts a lot, even if it seemed like a joke to them. If someone I care about is hurting, I get upset, too.  And it can all get frustrating.  I don’t want to get hurt so easily, I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to be upset at the things I get upset at. I’d get upset with myself and wish I wasn’t such a mess. I wanted to be different, I wanted to change. For a while, I didn’t want to be the sensitive person I’ve always been. But then I realized that sensitive might be a good thing for me.

You are who you are for a reason. No matter what or who you believe in, you were made this way for a reason.  You were given these lessons and challenges and blessings for a reason.

While there are challenges in being so sensitive, being sensitive also helps me to care more deeply about  people.  Being so sensitive, and often times messy especially when it comes to crying, helps me to connect to other people and hopefully be a little more empathetic. Being so sensitive helps me to try and understand how other people feel so I don’t do to them what they may have done to me. So does being fully me mean being a mess? Heck yeah.  Am I learning to embrace it and stop fighting it? You bet.

So am I a mess? Heck yes, I am. But ya know what? That’s okay.  Not one of us is perfect, anyone who claims to have a perfect anything is a perfect liar. We all have our own messes; things we deal with that we don’t want people to know and sides of us that we’re afraid to let people to see because it’s not perfect and we’re afraid of not being good enough. But the sooner we can stop fighting the mess, the sooner we can embrace it.

So this week, take Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice and “embrace the glorious mess that you are.” We’re all a mess, but that’s just fine with me.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  It was a busy weekend – blueberry festivals, Algebra, and cleaning.  I hope you all had awesome weekends and got a chance to rest  before returning to work this morning!

Have a great day guys!

Much Love,